Pet Transport Directory

We compiled the list of pet transport organizations and volunteer groups that provide auto, rail and air transportation for dogs and cats. Each organization has it own rules and policies. If you are aware of any other transporters, please let us know and we will add them into this list. 
All Animal Transport Place (Yahoo networking group)

All Breed Rescue (Yahoo networking group)

Animal Transporters (Worldwide)

Badger Rescue Animal Transport Services - BRATS Transport is a non-profit organization specializing in transporting rescued animals from shelters and rescues.

Chihuahua Rescue and transport

Cloud Nine Rescue Flights

Dog Rescue Rail Road (Yahoo networking group)

Flying Paws - Any organized rescue group, veterinarian or recognized animal care organization may contact Flying Paws concerning transport of their special needs animal. Flying Paws will NOT transport to any KILL, PET STORE, RESEARCH or BREEDING facility.

Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports

I-10 & I-20 Rescue and Transport  (Yahoo networking group)

I-35 & 135 & 335 Rescue and Transport (Yahoo networking group)

International Pet and Animal Transportation Association - An International Trade Association of animal handlers, pet moving providers, kennel operators, veterinarians and others who are dedicated to the care and welfare of pets and small animals during transport locally . . . nationwide . . . worldwide.

Ohio Shelter Rescue (Yahoo networking group)

On the Road Again (Yahoo networking group)

Operation Roger (Texas Truckers Transport)

Paws and Claws Rescuers & Transporters

Pet Air - provides affordable, professional animal transportation in the most convenient way for customer and their pets

P.E.T.S. LLC (Peterson Express Transport Services)

Pilots N Paws - PNP is a volunteer group, there are no scheduled flights or fees. Pilots read a request on the board and if they can help out they will contact requester directly.

Rescue Angels on Wheels (Yahoo networking group)

Roads of Hope - assists in getting animals from Shelters to Screened/Approved Rescues, Fosters and Adoptive Homes and from Rescues to Fosters and Adoptive Homes. We also help Military Deploying Overseas to get their Animals to Family Members or Fosters who are willing to care for their animals while they are gone.

Rolling Rescue (Yahoo networking group)

SkyArk (Animal Air Transportation for Non-profit rescues) - Sky Ark arranges free air transportation on either Sky Ark-owned aircraft or with other pilots and aircraft owners. Our free air transport service is for the transportation of injured or sick animals in need of health care, rescued animals from shelters, delivery/transport of service animals and for other compelling needs. Many of our volunteer members are pilots who use their own aircraft when we are unable to provide transportation in Sky Ark aircraft.

Tom the Trucker  ( - A rescue friendly truck driver who regularly drives a route between Colorado and the East Coast. The service is free, but most people will donate money to Tom to help offset costs if he must drive off his intended route to deliver dogs.

Transport Coordinators (Yahoo networking group)

Transport Express (Yahoo networking group)

Truck-N-Paws (Yahoo networking group)