Happy Stories




Meet a wonderful dog, Jack! He was adopted from Cuyahoga Animal Shelter by our fan Kathy K. According to Kathy he is “the cutest best dog in the world”. Thank you Kathy for giving Jack a new life and love!!! Kathy came up with a great idea for us to start a photo album of saved animals. Thank you, Kathy!!!












Meet a great husky, Gordon. His new mom Ashly L. writes: “This is Gordon 2 weeks after we adopted him from Brown County. I am Happy to report that he is no longer scared of stairs and starting to put on some weight! When we got hin you could feel his ribs, spin and hips. He was and still is a little under weight. He has a new doggy pal named Mannie (he is my golden of 9 years) and they play all the time. Thank You No Kill Ohio for sending me the link with this guy oon there. He is already changing our lives!!”